This first video should is an introduction to the content contained within the whole series. The knowledge and ideas presented, though not scientific, are based on facts learned through experience. Take a journey away from a modern means of approach to the natural world, and momentarily return to a more natural thinking of the world, our minds and bodies.
Join Carlos Gallinger as he takes a go at interpreting pictographs in the Anza Borrego desert.
A hike in the Anza Borrego desert with Carlos and Ivo Mijac exploring the chronology of a pictograph site.
The natural attributes of the landscape will often focus the activity of the wildlife into a small area. In the ancient hunter gatherers understood this in a deep and meaningful way.
Sometimes the environment has changed greatly since the time these petroglyphs were made. So it is, from these glyphs we can get some understanding of what the environment used to be, a long time ago.
In this video lecture we learn and experience how to understand one's presence in the environment and maximize your awareness. And we do this with some of the old Masters of presence and awareness the desert bighorn sheep.
A short discussion on vandalism of petroglyphs done in ancient times and two of the basic means of making petroglyphs pecking and scratching.
A short discussion on an ancient campsite and the possible remains of a wickiup. With a dose of caution as there seems to be more mystery than firm knowledge about such things.
This is a short discussion on the time and age of the great basin style petroglyphs. In a place where the ancient environment is still intact, such that the desert bighorn sheep are still present.
Understanding petroglyphs in a way that would've been practical and useful to the ancient hunter gatherers that made them. And thereby giving modern people a practical and useful insight to the the landscape and ancient ways.
A discussion on the use of color by the ancient people that made the great basin style petroglyphs. And the possible meaning that color would've added to these symbols, and our loss as these colors are washed away by time and the elements.
Carlos talks about how hiking has changed with the use of Google Earth.
This is a discussion with Lorrain who is an expert in growing cactus and low water use landscaping. And did this long before this was a popular thing to do.
In this video we discussed how to understand the environment in a Yucca Grove and how it affects the entire environment of the Mojave Desert.
Carlos Gallinger and Tim Liddell discuss desert survival tips including the ten essential items you should bring on any hike.
Carlos Gallinger and Tim Liddell discuss desert survival tips and how to handle high heat.
Carlos Gallinger and Tim Liddell discuss desert survival tips and how to deal with cold desert nights.