The Wilhelm Brothers - Meet The Champs
The Wilhelm Brothers - A Desert Adventure
The Wilhelm Brothers - Death Valley Thrills
Carlos discusses Ancient Fish Traps
In this video, we talk about Bigfoot.
We follow the wind as it winds through the environment on a small hill in the Mojave Desert and learn first hand its effects and inner reactions with life.
I present to you a phenomenon that happens throughout the world and how it affects the ecosystems of the desert southwest. A sky island is essentially a mountain large enough to have more than one ecosystem on it.
In this lecture I discuss why learning the night sky can assist one in acquiring information usable while out in the field.
This subject is one that tends to be neglected and yet is very important. Holes in the desert are so important that they could possibly be a scientific discipline all on their own. A large portion of the animal life in the desert can only live where they can make holes.
This lecture discusses the importance of learning the desert at night. Half of all activity that occurs in the desert environment happens at night. To truly understand what is happening during the daytime, one must also understand the night.
Water pockets in the desert can be a significant place to learn about wildlife. This lecture will help you to better understand what water pockets are, as well as identify which ones are important and which ones are not.
A discussion on where the alluvial fan comes in contact with the stony mass in the mountain. This area is important in understanding life and the surrounding desert. It can be seen on topographical maps and satellite images.
A discussion about the various structural attributes of a mountain that can lead one to find water.
This lecture discusses how to read the ups and downs of various populations and what resources can attract them or become a boundary line to them.
I teach you learn to understand the mind’s eye as a means to gain knowledge by learning the visual environment.
I share with you some simple strategies to use in the field. I also demonstrate the use of binoculars and spotting scopes together as a system to further your understanding of the environment.
Spotting Scopes – basic uses their advantages.
Binoculars – basic uses and their advantages.
I present, on a basic level, a brief rundown of some of the technical issues you may encounter while using spotting scopes and binoculars.
This first lecture explains the value of understanding your optics and having the proper equipment. Having this knowledge enables one to learn from the ultimate masters of the desert, such as the coyote, the desert bighorn sheep and so on.