Bows on the little Delta

Mar 16, 2013
Glenn St. Charles
This book is well worth reading if you're interested in archery but it is is much more than that.
It could be viewed as a time capsule or history book of the environmental movement.
At a time when the industrial age was providing the common man with money and leisure the majority of people look to higher technology to improve virtually everything, including hunting.
However, there is a group of people that see things a little different. While they would utilize an airplane to go hunting, once they were there, they used a bow and arrow instead of modern firearms. While this philosophy that they chose with still survives, it has never really gone mainstream.
One could only wonder what the environmental movement would have became if the ideas and concepts of Glenn ST. Charles would have flourished.
In this book we see all sorts of changes in archery such as camouflage clothing specifically designed for hunting and not military use and bow and arrows made from modern materials rather than wood.
I found the stories written this book interesting and full of information