Ecological Consequences of Artificial Night Lighting

Jan 07, 2011
Catherine Rich and Travis Longcore
This book definitely comes with a message and it is one that I generally agree with; however, you'll find that such books generally don't make my list of recommended reading. But this book covers the subject that is rarely talked about and yet is very important. And while the subject of artificial lighting is a very important subject itself, the book is also concerns what happens at night, a subject rarely written about.
It does so in a very technical and intellectual manner - indeed sometimes it was difficult for me to fully comprehend. However, through my life I spent a lot of time in the desert at night and this gave me a basis for understanding, and I suppose it really brings to the table a scientific understanding of all sorts of things that happen at night. And while this book is not specific to the desert Southwest, it does give one an understanding of various ecosystems at night. So in this book we find a route to understanding the desert at night, and the night is that half of the desert that most of us will never see much.