The Jackrabbit

Aug 07, 2017
This humble, often overlooked creature lives almost everywhere in the desert, such as along the dry lakes at the bottom of Death Valley and in the high mountains among the piñons and junipers.
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The Moment

Apr 08, 2016
Perhaps a 1000 summers have come and gone since this glyph was etched into the stone, and yet it story is as clear and precise as the day it was made. This story is a moment in time that was treasured by an individual. To truly understand this moment we must understand this ancient archer.
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Moon Sheep

Jan 06, 2016
In this day and age, of electric lights and telescopes, the cultural influence of the moon has changed. In our hunter gatherer past everybody would have lived by, and understood the ever-changing yet predictable cycles of the moon. Watching the night sky from their campfires our ancestors saw the moon make its way across the sky, on a path that kept it above the clouds and below the stars, making it unreachable yet not so far away.
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The Future of Bighorn Sheep Conservation

Nov 05, 2018
At present bighorn sheep conservation strategy can be put into three categories. They are predation, disease, and water. There is little discussion and virtually no action in regard to minerals sources for wild sheep. Yet minerals are a major concern to those who farm domestic sheep. Minerals affect every facet of wild sheep biology and behavior, and this is true whether were talking about an individual or a population. So mineral sources must be understood and acted upon to advance any strategy for conservation and reintroduction of wild sheep.
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