About Me and 'The Way Of Things'

Feb 11, 2010
Allow me a minute or two to tell you about this lecture series and how it came about. This lecture series is one that I wish I could have seen years ago when I was wandering the desert. I can only imagine what I would have learned and experienced.
The knowledge presented in these videos is of a more artistic than scientific nature, and stems from my own point of view and experience. They can also be viewed as a way for modern humans to learn some of the lifestyles and knowledge of our hunter-gatherer ancestors, as a lot of the material comes from scientific sources such as archaeology, biology and botany. It also comes from numerous people who spent a lot of time in the desert, had their own way of seeing it.
One of my many interests has been the desert bighorn sheep, and I have spent a lot of time learning to follow them. I have learned how they survive and prosper in a harsh desert environment and I hope that these lectures will relate their experiences to your own. It is all based on the ancient art of one's own survival through learning the way of things.
If you would like to know more, you may click here to download an article about my travels around the Old Dad Mountains. It was written about four or five years ago by the California Wilderness Coalition in their guide to the wild Mojave. They are just one of the many wonderful organizations I have had the pleasure of meeting and dealing with in the desert.
--Carlos Gallinger

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