The Future of Bighorn Sheep Conservation

Nov 05, 2018
At present bighorn sheep conservation strategy can be put into three categories. They are predation, disease, and water. There is little discussion and virtually no action in regard to minerals sources for wild sheep. Yet minerals are a major concern to those who farm domestic sheep. Minerals affect every facet of wild sheep biology and behavior, and this is true whether were talking about an individual or a population. So mineral sources must be understood and acted upon to advance any strategy for conservation and reintroduction of wild sheep.
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Me and Bigfoot

Aug 07, 2017
In the past Bigfoot’s existed exclusively in the myths and legends told around the glow of the campfires of North America. Now “Bigfoot / Sasquatch” lives like the rest of us in the glow of the electronic campfire that is television and computer screens around the world.
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Newberry Cave Site

Nov 04, 2016
Newberry cave was not a tomb or burial site. What was there, was the physical remains of a human- bighorn sheep relationship that was uniquely specific to time and culture.
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Icons of a Lost Society

Mar 20, 2016
Native American rock art of the great basin has long been viewed as largely mysterious. With a debate as to whether it was art for art's sake or a symbolic language that had a universal understanding when it was made.
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Vision quest

Jun 11, 2015
All hunter gatherer cultures throughout the world past or present inculturerated a tradition of a vision quest in one form or another. They usually culminated in a dream or vision that was interpreted as a message from the spirit world. These dreams and visions derive much of their power and influence from the animal imagery and symbolism they contained.
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Presence and Awareness

In this video lecture we learn and experience how to understand one's presence in the environment and maximize your awareness. And we do this with some of the old Masters of presence and awareness the desert bighorn sheep.
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The Grid

Apr 22, 2014
For many years I have worked in power plants that generated electricity for "the grid". "The grid" refers to the electrical distribution system that supplies electrical power to our homes and factories, sometimes from power plants more than 1000 miles away.
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Hunting in the Human Way

Jan 27, 2013
In order to understand hunting in the human way one must understand humanity's past and present and this will give insight to those who wonder about its future. In our modern day and age it is passionately debated as to whether hunting and killing are proper and useful components of human activity.
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Hunting in the Human Way: Tracking and Reading Sign

Jan 26, 2013
While it is obvious that an understanding of tracking and reading sign is absolutely crucial to understanding hunting, it is also crucial to understanding the environment whether one hunts or not - indeed whether one is a either hunter or a gatherer. If you cannot read sign you are in essence environmentally illiterate. And like all forms of illiteracy, it is a barrier to knowledge and information.
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